Sniffy State is Cyberwise's first released game. With an in-game population of 260+ million players, it is one of the largest MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) games in Creaturealm. In Sniffy State, players have sniffy avatars that they can personalise extensively. They can change fur colour, walking style, certain body parts, and facial features. Apta Pinze, the CEO of Pinze Corporation, has referred to Sniffy State as "a terrible, terrible game and waste of time". Nonetheless, Sniffy State is critically acclaimed for its advancement in 3-D imaging and avatar customisation.

Sniffy State is a game aimed for ages 10-18. Though the game has some language restrictions, there are certain crud words that the game allows: e.g. crap, hell, damn, and goddamn.

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