Petpolis is a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) that was released in 2016 by Cyberwise. It is a urban-set virtual world with a variety of games and activities. Players use small critties as avatars and are able to customise them; they are able to change their avatar's colour, size, and patterns. Players can wear clothes, add accessories, change physical features, and own pets.

With approximately 50 million users, Petpolis is quickly growing and is one of the most successful MMOs in Creaturealm. The majority of users are children, though Petpolis also has a significant teenage and young adult user base. While Petpolis is free to play, exclusive in-game features can be obtained by purchasing membership.

Petpolis's main purpose is entertainment and socialisation. Most social features are free, these features including chat, Petletters, Petwalls, parties, multiplayer minigames, burrows, missions, and tasks. but the game also incorporates an element of education. However, Petpolis also incorporates an element of education. Players can learn about wild critties and memorise zoological facts with in-game prizes as incentive.

Due to Petpolis's popularity, they also sell a wide range of merchandise. These are advertised ingame and can be purchased from the website, the Soren Entertainment website, and all Soren Entertainment stores. Soren Entertainment has also developed an app based on Petpolis, titled Pet Paradise. In Pet Paradise, the player is tasked with building and running a tropical resort.

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