Gnawers (Mus mordeo) are the smallest known members of the genus Mus. Like most mice, they have a pointed snout, rounded ears, and a long, hairless tail. They are the most vulnerable of the four critters; while hearkies no longer prey on gnawers, the latter are especially defenceless against Talltowers. However, the gnawers is able to adapt to almost any environment and possesses a unique endurance to extreme temperatures. Gnawers have become diturnal as to adapt to the modern world.

Gnawers have very poor eyesight, but this is compensated for by their sense of hearing and smell. Gnawers, however, are particularly renowned for the sensitivity of their whiskers, which help them pinpoint food and evade predators.

Gnawers live in vast and complex burrows. The intricacy of their homes is mostly due to the presence of many escape routes, though this is no longer as necessary as it used to be.


  • very sensitive tactile-wise
  • easily scared
  • nervous
  • jumpy
  • greedy
  • sly
  • narrow-minded
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