The bruin (Ursus amicus) is a member of the family Ursidae. Bruins are small mammals with relatively large bodies, short snouts, rounded ears, a short coat, retractile claws, and stubby tails. Like most other species of bears, bruins have a varied diet and are classed as omnivores. Unlike other bears, bruins are social animals, and, like sniffies, hearkies, and gnawers, have adapted to behavioural modernity to an extent that they can be culturally and cognitively compared to Talltowers. Bruins are typically diurnal; however, a few subspecies are nocturnal.

Bruins have a remarkably good sense of smell, though in olfactory ability they are inferior to sniffies. Bruins are the largest critter in Creaturealm, and, as a result, have a heavy, lumbering gait that can be awkward. Well-adjusted to difficult terrain, bruins are excellent runners, climbers, and swimmers. The bruin has a monthly hibernation period of eight to nine days, as opposed to the norm of one hundred consecutive days per year.

Though the bruin can be just as ferocious as its Tallworld counterparts, they are generally benign critters. They are notorious for their enthusiasm for and appreciation of food, and many of Creaturealm's best chefs are bruins. Bruins are also well-known for their hospitality; if you are ever without a home, go to a bruin. However, trespassing is taken very seriously by bruins; a physical fight may ensue if you wander where you are not welcome. Generous and altruistic, bruins are firm believers in equality.

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